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A supplement including fructoborate, this helps to increase levels of testosterone inside the body, it also aids to increase vitamin D levels and to counteract bone loss and arthritis. Testosterone is a key hormone in males, although andro-pro can also target testosterone deficiency within women, this is often relates to low moods, low libido and osteoporosis.

Product Description

Andro Pro -the natural testosterone booster

Andro Pro is the latest nutritional supplement that works to raise testosterone levels in the body. It differs from many male hormones supplements as it contains fructoborate -which acts as both a testosterone booster and to counteract bone loss, arthritis and raise vitamin D levels.

The low testosterone levels men experience can affect ‘quality of life,’ as testosterone is essential for many of the body’s functions and processes. By using testosterone supplement Andro Pro, normal testosterone levels in men can be maintained and enhanced. These testosterone effects range from increased libido, to building muscle mass and the prevention of bone conditions like osteoporosis.

While testosterone is one of the key male hormones, Andro Pro can also address testosterone deficiency in women, which has been associated with lack of libido, low mood and osteoporosis.

Andro Pro contains fructoborate

Fructoborate is a naturally derived compound that’s causing positive waves in medical and wellbeing circles. Derived from Boron, fructoborate is available as a standalone supplement – such is its effectiveness for well-being. What’s particularly interesting about its role in Andro Pro is that fructoborate naturally works to increase testosterone levels by promoting higher, natural steroid levels in the blood.

As a key ingredient of Andro Pro, fructoborate is also is known for its antioxidant qualities, reducing our natural loss of magnesium and calcium and re-mineralising bone. The fructoborate used in Andro Pro is the duplicate (known as bioidentical hormones) of dietary boron found in vegetables, nuts and fruits, and contains high levels of vitamin D.

According to a clinical study on 13 men who were given the equivalent of one capsule of Andro-Pro daily for 60-days, serum levels of vitamin D rose by 19.6%, DHEA-S up by 56% and free testosterone increased by 29.5%.

The importance of male hormones – testosterone – in the body

Testosterone is the male sex hormone found in the androgen group of hormones. Androgen groups usually refer to natural or synthetic steroid hormones that develop and maintain male characteristics across many species. Playing a central part of male reproductive tissues such as the prostrate and testes, testosterone is responsible for muscle mass, bone mass and distribution of body hair, amongst many other essential life functions.

Hypogonadism is the term used to describe the low testosterone levels men may experience. With testosterone levels low, everything from sperm production to memory loss can be affected. Boosting male hormones with proven testosterone supplements such as Andro Pro, brings a testosterone treatment with a plethora of benefits

The testosterone levels men experience diminish with age. This can be compounded by life changes, such as fatherhood and relationships, stress and a whole host of factors that can have a negative effect on normal testosterone levels. Male hormones such as testosterone not only impact on sperm development, brain size, and mental and physical energy, but everyday actions as diverse as the brain’s synaptic responses to stress and danger, to financial decision making.

The importance of male hormones is underlined by the varied symptoms of low testosterone in men -everything from a tendency to develop higher blood pressure to obesity. And preliminary evidence suggests that cognitive areas like memory, spatial ability – and even dementia -may have a testosterone link.

The significance of testosterone levels in women

In women testosterone levels are naturally lower (around 10 times the strength of males), but they are still thought to play a key role in functions such as sex drive, muscle and bone development.

The name given to low testosterone is androgen deficiency, which can also bring low testosterone levels in women. Even with key women hormones like estrogen at normal levels, female symptoms of low testosterone can include loss of libido, less sense of well-being, changes in memory, lack of motivation, persistent tiredness and potential long-term bone loss.

This may necessitate the need to boost testosterone with an aid like Andro Pro -a proven supplement where normal testosterone levels can be achieved.

If you’re concerned about low testosterone, a testosterone levels test is available from your doctor, or can be sourced online. This may help establish the need to seek an effective testosterone supplement / testosterone booster.

High testosterone levels

In some cases, too much testosterone may be found -which can be especially damaging to younger children and women. High testosterone levels can be treated with a testosterone blocker.

Cases of high testosterone levels in women can result in masculine characteristics, such as male pattern baldness, a deepening of the voice and unwanted hair growth.

Women hormones and the use of estrogen blockers

It’s important to have a balance of male and female hormones in the body. Both sexes produce these vital hormones – but, of course, in different ratios. For women testosterone levels are generally much lower than in men, while the female hormone estrogen prevails.

Supplements like Dim Pro 2 counteract too much estrogen (one of the fundamental women hormones) in the body – harmonising the balance of hormones so that equilibrium can be attained. Andro Pro is one such testosterone supplement / testosterone booster that can work alongside estrogen blockers safely.

Andro Pro benefits

As a natural testosterone booster with optimised ingredients, Andro Pro reviews have been extremely positive. Just one capsule a day is the recommended dosage of this natural supplement, which is based on bioidentical hormones. This replicates the hormones found in nature, but in sufficient quantities to be far more beneficial.

Alongside the remarkable fructoborate, Andro Pro contains supporting ingredients of zinc, B6, magnesium and the high-grade plant extract tribulus terrestris. So for an incremental and safe way to increase testosterone, look no further than Andro Pro.

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