BoostPro™ High Strength Vitamin C Drink

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30 x 3.32g sachets 

BoostPro™ delivers numerous health benefits associated with high dose Vitamin C without the side effects that once prevented taking such a large amount.

By taking Vitamin C in this form, you finally have an effective way to help your body recover from many serious problems in such a way that was previously only achievable through painful injections.

BoostPro™ contains Quercetin which is the molecule of the moment, that’s an all-natural compound for better longevity, heart health, immune system and much more.

Product Description

One sachet mixed with water, juice or a drink of your choice 45 minutes before exercise, training or physical exertion. Do not exceed more than 2 sachets over a 24 hour period.

Keep out of reach of children. Protect from heat, light and moisture. Not for use beyond expiration date. Not for use by pregnant or lactating women. Always follow the advice of your health professional.

This product and its statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product isnot intended to treat, cure or prevent diseases.


Serving size:  1 Sachet

Servings per container:  30

Amount per serving:
Vitamin C 2000 mg* (natural source delivering 2 gms)
GMS Ribose 1000 mg*
MSM (Methysulfonylmethane) 50 mg*
Quercetin 15 mg*
*% Daily Value not established

Other Ingredients:
EDTA (as a preservative), Natural Cherry Flavor, Sorbitol, Citric Acid, Stevia Leaf Extract.

ISO 9001, GMP