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Deprenyl HCL – The Versatile Antiaging Smart Drug

By protecting dopamine levels in the brain, Deprenyl is a cognitive enhancing smart drug that works to improve brain function, facilitate faster cognitive actions and improve concentration.

HCL – Hydrochloride

Product Description

The Function Of Brain Cells Can Be Improved By Deprenyl

Deprenyl / Selegiline sustains the availability of dopamine in our brains as we age which helps us maintain youthful cognitive functions. Deprenyl acts as a nerve and brain cell protector, this powerful ‘smart drug’ or nootropic is approved for use in the treatment of Parkinson’s but is used ‘off label’ for many other conditions including Alzheimer’s disease (AD), depression and multiple sclerosis.

The Importance of Dopamine in Our Brains

Dopamine plays key roles in numerous cognitive functions but levels decrease with age especially after the age of 40. Preserving the quantity of available dopamine reduces cell deterioration in key parts of the brain where dopamine is transmitted -prolonging lucidity and extending life expectancy potential.


The graph opposite highlights the loss of dopamine with age, on average 13% per decade past the age of 40 for the average person, but far greater for those suffering from Parkinson’s disease.

How Deprenyl Preserves Dopamine Levels

Professor Knoll a world leading authority on Deprenyl noted that the nigrostriatal tract, the tiny Dopamine serving nerve cluster in the basal ganglia typically dies off at an average rate of 13% per decade starting at around age 45.

Professor Knoll suggests by using Deprenyl from around aged 40 when the decline begins to become rapid, the nigostriatal neuron death rate could be lowered and life expectancy could therefore be increased in this respect. Couple this with the increased effectiveness of brain function in later life and a direct positive effect on quality of life is attained.

What Dose of Deprenyl should I Use for Antiaging?

Since the manufacture of Cyprenil was discontinued we are one of the few stockists in the world that still offer a liquid Deprenyl, the liquid version is perfect for antiaging programs as it allows the use of very small doses regularly in order to help maintain healthy dopamine levels which improves cognitive function and helps to maintain function at a better level for much longer.

The prime advantages of the liquid deprenyl are twofold:

  1. it can be used sublingually, (placed under the tongue) which means it enters the blood easier and faster and is more bio-available than the tablets
  2. accurate doses – as little as 1 drop = 1 mg can be administered at a time. This is particularly useful for those who wish to consume less than 5 mg (which is the dose delivered in the tablets).

A daily dose of Jumex Deprenyl tablets is 10 mg either in the morning or divided into two doses of 5 mg at breakfast and lunchtime.

Please note that both the Deprenyl products we stock Dep Pro Deprenyl Liquid and Jumex Selegiline tablets are the more thoroughly researched HCL version, not Deprenyl Citrate.

Deprenyl / Selegiline like all nootropics is defined as a drug that is neuroprotective, non-toxic, and possess few side effects.

Deprenyl – The Versatile Antiaging Smart Drug

Deprenyl, by protecting dopamine levels in the brain is a cognitive enhancing smart drug that works to improve brain function, facilitate faster cognitive actions and improve concentration. If you are looking for Deprenyl, buy it from a reputable stockist such as Antiaging-Systems.

Frequently Asked Questions About Deprenyl

Disclaimer: Please note that only your own physician can determine your precise needs, but in order to give you some information these answers are based upon the ‘average person’ and clinical / published results.

If selegiline (deprenyl) is used in combination for old fashioned non-selective MAO inhibitors, could it theoretically prevent these medications from causing the cheese effect?

We understand that whilst there is evidence that deprenyl can prevent tyramine from entering noradrenaline using cells, we cannot find the degree of its effectiveness, as it would be unlikely to block all the action of tyramine, and even then there would be a wide variance of criteria, including dosages that would influence the outcome.

As such, whilst its titration may benefit from reducing or eliminating a cheese effect for a patient, there is no clear evidence that deprenyl could be used for such a purpose. Therefore we would not recommend deprenyl being used in this way.

However, what is clear is that deprenyl does not cause the ‘cheese effect’ by itself.

Can deprenyl be used with other MAO inhibitors?

It is not recommended to concurrently use deprenyl with other MAO inhibitors.

I get random drug tests and I was told that deprenyl can test positive for amphetamine metabolites, is this true?

In previous years this would not have been the case, but there have been some recent changes to some drug testing that could cause problems. In the past the amphetamine tests only looked for l-amphetamine, the active form that deprenyl does not contain. However, some of the newer tests also look for the d-amphetamine which deprenyl does contain, whilst this form does not induce amphetamine effects some of these new drug tests would create a ‘false positive’ effect with deprenyl users.

If you are regularly being drug tested you should be aware of this possibility and ensure that you list deprenyl / seligiline onto your medicine list. Alternatively a ‘wash out’ of deprenyl can be entertained prior to a test, but to ensure zero count (and obviously dependent upon the dose) this could take up to 3-weeks.

From what source is the selegiline (deprenyl) derived (organic-plant or chemical)?

Selegiline is derived via a pharmaceutical process from plant materials; I believe the original material is the Chinese herb ephedra.

I am taking 9mg of Deprenyl a day and experiencing stomach cramps, nausea and diarrhea, is the Deprenyl causing this?

Yes it could be that this relatively high dose of deprenyl is causing some of the side effects you are experiencing. Whilst we are aware that some manufacturers recommend dosages in excess of 5 mg daily based on age, we are of the opinion that unless some forms of dementia, such as Parkinson’s is present, that there is no need to exceed an amount of 5 mg daily.

Most preventative medicine dosages are 1 to 3 mg daily, and we strongly recommend that dosages in excess of 5 mg daily are built up to gradually, so for example adding an additional 1 mg each week, providing no side effects are noted etc. It may well be possible that you can take the full 9 mg as recommended by the manufacturer, but that for now you should reduce your dosage to say 5 mg (or lower if necessary) and only attempt to increase this dosage as gradually as possible.

We also recommend taking occasional breaks from deprenyl use, some people prefer 1-week a month; many take deprenyl in the weekdays and none at the weekend.

Would you be so kind as to help me understand why it is that deprenyl in my case fails to raise my sex drive? Could it be that if used alone it won’t raise dopamine? Is it mandatory to use B6 + DLPA along with it for one DA to be raised?

Deprenyl usually takes about 3-weeks to get to a level whereby it is enhancing dopamine levels, of course much may also depend on the dosages you are taking, you didn’t mention those or your bodyweight which can also be a factor, however we don’t normally recommend more than 5 mg per day.

We would recommend that you read biochemist James South article at: here in which he states the following:

In 1991 H. Sabelli reported successful results treating 6 of 10 drug-resistant major depressive disorder patients. (9) Sabelli used 5 mg DPR daily, 100 mg vitamin B6 daily, and 1-3 grams phenylalanine twice daily as treatment. 6 of 10 patients viewed their depressive episodes terminated within 2-3 days! Global Assessment Scale scores confirmed the patients’ subjective experiences. Vitamin B6 activates the enzyme that converts phenylalanine to PEA, so the combination of low-dose DPR, B6, and phenylalanine is a bio-logical way to enhance both PEA and catecholamine brain function, and thus to diminish depression.

Therefore the addition of 100 mg vitamin B6 and 1-3 grams phenylalanine may be beneficial for libido also, and although the above study was for depression, the fact that deprenyl enhances PEA more than it enhances dopamine may be a clue to its effectiveness, as the actual process of enhancing libido is not yet fully understood.

We have many more articles that contain references to deprenyl in them, a listing can be seen at:

It is not mandatory to add B6 and DLPA to deprenyl to raise dopamine levels, but that methylation (the conversion of one chemical to another in the body) varies widely from person to person and that some people will need to ensure adequate nutritional intake in the form of vitamins, enzymes and similar to have effective methylation.

What Dosage of Deprenyl is best for Antiaging

Parkinson and Alzheimer’s disease patients are often treated with very high doses of 20mg daily (usually along with other drugs). Selegiline antiaging doses (dependant on age and condition) are more likely to be 2.5mg to 5mg once, twice or three times a week, or 1mg to 3mg per day, with regular breaks. Deprenyl liquid can be titrated precisely for antiaging purposes, as each ml drop in the bottle is equivalent to 1mg deprenyl citrate and regular doses are considered to be 1mg to 3mg daily. Ward Dean MD, recommends reducing deprenyl doses after several months to lower levels and taking occasional sabbaticals.

Deprenyl Side effects

Deprenyl effects are similar to those experienced with other nootropics like cerestabon or pyritinol effects. Possible gastrointestinal symptoms, such as nausea, heartburn, upset stomach, etc. Some studies have found side effects such as irritability, hyper-excitability, psychomotor agitation and insomnia. These effects are probably due to Deprenyl catecholamine-enhancing effect, over-activating DNA neural systems at the expense of calming / sleep-inducing serotonergic systems, so taking magnesium and Tryptophan or 5HTP may suffice to counter these ‘psychic’ effects.