Estrogens (tri-Est, Esnatri™)

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Replace Your Vital Hormones Naturally.

Esnatri is our triple estrogen cream, which women can use every day, confident they have chosen the best homeopathic estrogen cream available.

Esnatri has none of the side effects associated with traditional treatments.

These hormones are BHRT hormones, usually from plants like soya and yam.

Their structure is similar to the human body’s hormones , that’s why they consider as natural and without any side effects.

Product Description

Esnatri Replaces Your Vital Hormones Naturally

Since the development of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) in the 1920s, estrogens have been derived from horse urine because a more natural solution was too expensive to synthesize. Now a new estrogen cream offers a more natural solution. Esnatri is our triple estrogen cream, which women can use every day, confident they have chosen the best homeopathic estrogen cream available.

The reason why this homeopathic estrogen cream offers the ideal solution for the modern era is that it is a triple estrogen cream which closely replicates your body’s hormones. As an estrogen cream that can be easily used, Esnatri has none of the side effects associated with traditional treatments.

Horse estrogens may be similar to human, but they are not the same – causing many of the problems associated with traditional HRT. Now research demonstrates that natural hormone therapy using a natural estrogen cream is safer, because it has fewer side effects for estrogen hormone replacement.

Most preparations which attempt to replicate the human hormones estriol, estradiol and estrone apply them in the ratio of 80:10:10, while some entirely over-look estriol, claiming it is a weak estrogen. In fact, woman naturally produce high levels of estriol. By contrast, our natural hormone therapy is a unique natural estrogen cream, because it contains synthetically-prepared human estrogens of 90 per cent estriol, 7 per cent estradiol and 3 per cent estrone. These are the proportions considered to be closest to natural female levels for effective estrogen hormone replacement.

Esnatri cream can be applied by daily rotation to your neck, upper chest, breasts, and behind the knees or inner thighs.

You can apply 2mg on average daily. Start from day one of what would have been the start of your menstrual cycle and continue until day 25. Then you should stop for five days, before repeating the application at the start of the next menstrual cycle. During these last few days, the estrogen receptors are being allowed to “rest” as they have been accustomed.

Are there any problems using Esnatri?

There is some evidence that women who have been on ‘artificial’ estrogens sometimes do not react positively to transferring to natural estrogens. Latest research indicates this may be due to damage to liver enzymes caused by the ‘artificial’ estrogens.

But when low dosages of oral cobalt chloride are consumed with the natural estrogens, this problem is alleviated. Cobalt chloride is also available from IAS.

Remember, your hormone replacement therapy should be overseen by a physician and should not be undertaken if you have undergone cancer treatment.

It is also recommended that around 25mg to 30mg of progesterone be used in combination with Esnatri. This should be used at the same time as the cream, starting around day 10 and continuing to 25. The start date varies according to the usual timing of your ovulation. As with the Esnatri cream, stop for the last five days of your cycle so that the estrogen receptors have their accustomed “rest” period.

Are there any risks taking HRT?

Taking HRT is generally risk-free, although identical-to-natural hormones, such as Esnatri, are less likely to cause side effects.

When taking estrogens, there is an extremely small risk of suffering from depression or blood clots. To help cut down on even these small risks, it’s wise to take B-complex vitamins, vitamin E, a source of omega-3 fatty acids (cod-liver or flax oil) and iodine.

Why do I need HRT at the menopause?

Some argue that the menopause is a natural occurrence and does not require HRT. However we believe HRT is a treatment for the modern era which enables women to stay natural.

Women are exposed to many more unnatural chemicals and foods than they were thousands of years ago and so HRT helps restore the balance these things have disrupted.

If your mother ate only natural food during her pregnancy and her uterus had no exposure to chlorination, fluoridation, pesticides, herbicides or anaesthetics then it’s likely she doesn’t need to think about HRT at the menopause.

However, if you’re not in the “all-natural” category or wish to use hormone replacement for antiaging purposes, then it’s obviously best to use HRT that duplicates what was naturally there before menopause.

Frequently Asked Questions About Esnatri®

Disclaimer: Please note that only your own physician can determine your precise needs, but in order to give you some information these answers are based upon the ‘average person’ and clinical / published results.

I have just finished reading Dr. Wright’s book on HRT, in it he recommends estrogen ratios at 10/10/80, but this was published in 1997 have you seen better results with the 90/7/3 ratio in your Esnatri cream?

When Dr. Wright wrote Natural Hormone Replacement in 1997 he was using 80/10/10 versions of estrogen creams because nothing better was available at that time. However, as you have read in that same book his studies indicate that the most natural ratio for the majority of women is 90/7/3 and we stock a natural estrogen cream specially formulated by Jonathan Wright, M.D. to the latest findings. This is 90% estriol, 7% estradiol and 3% estrone and mimics more precisely the ‘average’ estrogen production for women. The cream is called Esnatri® and it is a pharmaceutical grade natural estrogen formula, (i.e. it precisely mimics human estrogens).

There is also some evidence that women who have been on ‘artificial’ estrogens sometimes do not react positively to transferring to natural estrogens, (same for progsterones). Dr. Wright’s latest research indicates this may be due to damage to liver enzymes (caused by ‘artificial’ estrogens) and that when low dosages of oral cobalt chloride are consumed with the natural estrogens, that this problem is alleviated. Cobalt chloride is also available from IAS.

Dr. Wright has written some articles for us on the issue of the use of natural estrogens and progesterones, perhaps you’d like to read that here? Natural Triple Estrogen and Progesterone for Women

There is no doubt that the 90/7/3 formula is a safer (less side effects) formula than 80/10/10 whilst it still provides the benefits of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

I’ve read in one study that there is nothing stronger than estrogen when it comes to preventing wrinkles and building collagen. But another study said it is progesterone that does this. Which is the best product to use?

It is noted that both estrogen and progesterone can build collagen and therefore reduce wrinkles, although I have no definitive proof to hand to compare the effectiveness of the two, we have heard a lot about the ability of estrogen to reduce wrinkles, so suggest that at least anecdotally it may be ‘better’ in that role.

However, additional estrogen is not really a good thing for aging men, even as it is applied to the skin it will pass into the blood. As we age men’s levels of estrogen (as estradiol) increase, and usually the amount of estrogen in the blood should be reduced in men rather than increased.

If you want some specific creams that will assist in the reduction look at melatonin (applied topically) and in particular also look at Retin-A®, NeySkin® and Energo® or a combination of them.

Interestingly, Dr. Hertoghe has been stated that fine lines around the eyes are nothing more than a sign of dehydration that can be corrected by using the hormone vasopressin/ desmopressin.

Your article implies that your product contains bioidentical hormones… Is this correct or am I misreading it. This would be very important to me as I am taking Premarin with androcur now and the risks alone, not counting that I am taking something from a horses pee, are a long term concern. My disease alone is scary without added risk!

Yes in the majority of cases we have bio-identical (to human) hormones in the products we sell, this is certainly true of the androgens, estrogens and progesterone’s we offer.

I have not had a period since I have been 37 I have been told by the Dr, that I was in menopause at the time. In the past when I used the progesterone cream from a health food store I would have a period, but not regularly. This has occurred twice since I went on the cream I no longer take it or anything else, which is really not good. I don’t have the hot flashes or any other symptoms and now I am 43. Although I think the reason I went into menopause early was because the year before I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, and since it is all endocrine related, I really think that is why I am in menopause. My mom didn’t go into menopause until she was in her sixties. How do I take your product?

Basically, it is how Dr. Wright described in his article, which you can read here.

For progesterone: “A reasonable quantity of progesterone is 25mg to 30mg, used starting on days 10 to 15 and taken through day 25. The starting date is varied according to the timing of each woman’s ovulation when she was cycling. If this timing isn’t known, a starting date is from day 10 to 15 is arbitrarily chosen.”

For Esnatri (bio-identical triple estrogen): “I’d presently recommend (for technical reasons) a somewhat higher starting quantity of total estrogens, 3.5mg daily, used on days 1 through 25 of each month, and not used on days 25 through 30 of each month. The last five days, one is allowing the estrogen receptors to “rest” as they have been accustomed to do.”

Essentially, try to estimate at which point in the month you believe your periods used to occur and use that. If you don’t remember, then choose a regular date that is convenient and works for you (for example start on the 1st of each month for estrogen and the 10th of each month for progesterone).

I am on a high dose hrt program (12 mg e2 per day through my doctor) currently and was thinking of switching to your product at a lower dose. Could you please tell me how much e2 is in each dose and how many doses are in a jar so that I will know if this is appropriate?

Each 1ml of Esnatri cream contains the following: (Esnatri is a natural bioidentical triple estrogen cream at a ratio of 90-7-3% as follows)

  • Estriol: 1.8 mg
  • Estradiol: 0.14 mg
  • Estrone: 0.06 mg

This information can be seen on the product label (along with all excipients) . See our label section for approved uses.

We also recently interviewed him about estrogen and progesterone and that video can be seen here: Video with Dr Jonathan Wright regarding estrogen and progesterone.

We hope this helps you.

Esnatri cream -natural hormone therapy for a modern world

Esnatri cream is a natural estrogen replacement, which offers a homeopathic alternative to traditional HRT treatments.

Most treatments use estrogen that has been derived from horse urine, largely because natural estrogen blockers are too expensive to synthesize.

Esnatri cream, however is a natural estrogen cream which closely replicates the hormones naturally produced in your own body. It helps restore the balance disrupted by modern chemicals and foods.

If you are looking for a natural estrogen cream to take you safely and confidently through the menopause, look no further than Esnatri cream.

A natural triple estrogen

Description: Containing the synthetic natural estrogens, this formulation has been designed to the latest research by hormone expert, Jonathan Wright MD. It is used by women in menopause who wish to use molecules and doses that are precise mimics of human estrogens at a ratio of 90/7/3 percent.

Disclaimer: This product and its statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.
The above information is the translation of the manufacturer’s insert. It is provided under the supplying company’s terms and conditions and should not replace the advice of your personal physician.