Melatonin (MZS, melatonin Zn Se)
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With Melatonin Zn Se You Really Can Enjoy A Sound Night’s Sleep

Melatonin is produced by the pineal gland at night to regulate our circadian rhythm (sometimes called the sleep wake cycle). As we age the amount of melatonin we produce reduces resulting in many older people sleeping less and having a lower quality of sleep. Formulated by the world’s foremost melatonin expert Dr Walter Pierpaoli, unlike any other melatonin supplement on the market Melatonin Zn Se mimics the natural night peak of melatonin to leave you feeling refreshed and alert the following day.

What Does Melatonin Do?

Melatonin is vital to protect our hormonal system, regulate immunity and repair our body’s cells. It is commonly used by shift workers and also to treat jet lag and age related sleep disorders, but its abilities go far beyond simply its sleep inducing properties.

The Antioxidant Effects of Melatonin

Melatonin is an extremely effective antioxidant, in fact on a molecule to molecule basis, melatonin has proved to be significantly more efficient in neutralizing the toxic hydroxyl radical than the two well-known free radical scavengers, glutathione and mannitol. Likewise, melatonin is roughly twice as effective as vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) at scavenging the peroxyl radical which is generated during lipid peroxidation.

Melatonin’s Effects on Longevity

Melatonin’s effect on longevity is well documented; in fact laboratory tests on rats and mice have demonstrated that melatonin increased their lifespans by 20%. Experts believe melatonin is a vital anti-aging product because of its positive effect on the aging immune system, its protection of the cardiovascular system, its ability to increase growth hormone production and above all its capacity to limit free radical damage.

MZS Melatonin and Age Related Maccular Degeneration

Age related macular degeneration (AMD) comes in two forms, wet and dry and is a notoriously difficult disorder to treat but is commonly linked to blindness.

A recent 24 month study (published in Ann. NY Acad. Sci. 1057:384-392) with 100 patients showed that after 6 months, patients taking 3mg of Melatonin Zn Se daily had halted the progression of their age related macular degeneration and at 12 months showed reversal of their AMD which continued until the trial ended at 24-months.

Read “Melatonin Zn Se and Age Related Macular Degeneration”, an article which gives far more detail about this incredible new research here.

Why is Melatonin Zn Se More Effective than Other Melatonin Supplements?

There are two simple reasons, firstly the unique formula created by Dr Pierpaoli and secondly the timed release which is unlike any other melatonin on the market.

In addition to the pharmaceutical grade melatonin used in Dr Pierpaoli’s formula it also contains carefully balanced synergistic ingredients Zinc and Selenium, these vital trace elements help repair cells and render Melatonin Zn Se even more effective.

But the most significant factor is that Dr Pierpaoli’s research led him to perfect a formula to exactly mimic the pineal glands release of Melatonin, meaning Melatonin Zn Se is the only melatonin supplement to follow nature’s own night peak.


This graph highlights that compares Dr Pierpaoli’s melatonin formula (Red line) to the natural release of melatonin (dark Blue line) and to two common types of melatonin supplements (light blue and green line) to demonstrate that ordinary sublingual melatonin peaks too soon and that time released formulas peak too late.

How Much Melatonin Should I Take?

Take half to one 3mg tablets at bedtime only. Never take more than two. Only use Melatonin Zn Se when you are prepared to sleep and have the light switched off, because light entering the eye destroys Melatonin.

Melatonin Zn Se So Much More Than a Sleep Aid

Melatonin supplements have become widely available but at Antiaging Systems we offer a supplement that goes far beyond the run of the mill melatonin stocked by supermarkets and health shops, no other melatonin offers the endorsement of Dr Pierpaoli or the exact formula used in all of his numerous clinical trials. If you’ve tried other melatonin and didn’t notice any significant effect, then we highly recommend you try Dr Pierpaoli’s Melatonin Zn Se for a superior experience.

NEW: Mela-Pro Liquid Melatonin

For those who wish to use smaller doses of Melatonin we now stock Mela Pro a melatonin liquid which can be administered in doses below 1mg.


Frequently Asked Questions About MelatoninZnSE

Disclaimer: Please note that only your own physician can determine your precise needs, but in order to give you some information these answers are based upon the ‘average person’ and clinical / published results.

Hello, If someone is taking 55mcg of selenium daily from sprouted garlic, would it be dangerous to use Melatonin ZnSe as it has 50 mcg? I have heard that selenium can be toxic if taken in excess. Thank you. AE

Selenium can be toxic at high levels, the Food and Nutrition Board (FNB) of the Institute of Medicine recently set the tolerable upper intake level (UL) for selenium at 400 mcg/day in adults, so you are still well below that.

Reviews from our customers on Melatonin

I have been a problem sleeper for years, with difficulty falling asleep and staying asleep. I’ve tried, unsuccessfully, prescription sleep medications, most of which I cannot tolerate, and also natural sleep aids (including many brands of melatonin), which don’t seem to work on me. I read about Melatonin MZS on the IAS website, and decided to give it a try. I’ve been using it for a month, and from the first night I found that I can now fall asleep far more easily, with an overall improvement in sleep quality. Melatonin MZS is superior to any other melatonin product I have tried (and I tried many!). Combined with a tiny dose of Neurontin, I now can also sleep through the night! I highly recommend this product.

I have been using Dr Pierpaoli’s melatonin for 6 weeks and the results are hard to believe. It appears to have kick started my thyroid gland as my tests are back to normal and I have not had any thyroid medication for 2 and a half months. Almost every symptom has disappeared.

I gave some of my tablets to my husband who is also pretty excited about this as he claims that he does not have to get up to the bathroom during the night.

Other features we’ve experienced is better and deeper sleep, more energy and awaking feeling well rested. This in turn has allowed us to exercise for 45 minutes with ease. Incidentally,we are 66 and 61 years old
JR., New Zealand

I had to write to say how impressed I am with this supplement. It works! This is a most excellent formulation of Melatonin and I am now looking forward to receiving my next order. I am really grateful to have this kind of help during my difficult menopausal years.
S.L., Canada

I found that the difference with Melatonin Zn Se ® is very substantial. Normally I have to take at least 9mg of other Melatonin’s to aid my sleep, but I found that 3mg of Melatonin Zn Se ® was much more effective. So much so, that I am now only using half a tablet!
Phil Micans PharmB

Melatonin Zn Se ® represents a breakthrough in the use of Melatonin supplements; call it genius or luck, but my patients are now obtaining excellent results with it!
Walter Pierpaoli, MD

Melatonin Zn Se ® is without doubt the most effective Melatonin I’ve ever used. Normally I haven’t noticed any strong sleep enhancement effects with other types, but Melatonin Zn Se ® almost knocks me out!
David Butler BSc


Melatonin Zn Se (formerly known as Ti Melatonin): perfect timing for a good night’s sleep

It’s long been known that an effective sleep disorder treatment comes in the form of a melatonin supplement. Melatonin benefits the body and mind by enabling the correct sleep/awake cycle and defines night and day for our bodies: vital for repair and rejuvenation.

However, not all melatonin treatments are effective, as they don’t release melatonin for sleep at the right time. The Melatonin zn se supplement contains melatonin that’s given just as our bodies best benefit from it -the night-time peak. With added zinc and selenium, repair of our body and mind can be optimised, leaving us feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Description: MZS is Dr Walter Pierpaoli’s original melatonin formula containing the additional and supportive agents zinc and selenium. MZS is produced in Italy and unlike other melatonin preparations MZS has been designed to produce a night peak of melatonin between 1am and 3am to mimic the natural behaviour of the pineal gland.

Dr Pieraopli’s extesnive animal and human research has shown that this is important because this action helps to stabilize circadian rhythms, improve cyclicity and boost humanity.

Directions: Take 1 tablet before bedtime, ideally between 10pm and 11pm.

Disclaimer: This product and its statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure of prevent any disease.

Note: Keep in cool dark conditions, out of the reach of children and consume before end of expiry date. Not for use by pregnant or lactating women.

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size:1 tablets

Servings Per Container: 60

Melatonin 3mg *
Zinc 8.7mg 87
Selenium 50mcg 90

Other ingredients: Avicel, mannitol, povidonum and magnesium sterate.