Nano Silver
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Since silver is a light-sensitive material, The Health Factory produces its nanoclusters of silver in a dark room. We package our products in the highest quality dark violet glass bottles which allow only positive infrared and ultraviolet light to pass through. This prevents oxidization of the silver, resulting in a superior product that retains its qualities and potency.


Demineralized water containing 15mg/l (15ppm) mon­atomic, diatomic and nano­clusters of silver (Argentum). Contains no allergens.

Nano Silvers’ particles are under 10 nanometers. The smaller the particle, the smaller surface area they cover which also means that they are more ‘bio-available’ and can get to all cells in the body that need them and can pass through the blood brain barrier. This also means that they are small enough so the body can pass them naturally through usual means of excretion, eliminating toxic build up.

Nano Silver particles ‘Zeta Potential’ (the energetic nature of the silver particles) are intelligent silver particles that only hunt down the negatively charged, most harmful bacteria, fungi and virus that make us ill, while steering clear of positively charged, mostly good, helpful bacteria / flora.

Silver Protein – showing its true worth in killing bacterial infections

Silver Protein is a trusted and versatile natural antibiotic. Mild Silver protein (MSP) is considered the best germ killer for a number of reasons: it’s safe, easily administered and kills an incredible number of strains of harmful bacteria.

MSP is estimated to be effective against at least 650 viruses. To put this number into context, the infection killing-power of many antibiotics is around 12 different types – so it’s easy to see why Silver Protein is taking centre stage.

Currently, a lot of attention has focused on ways to stop infection and how to kill germs and bacteria effectively. Due to increasing bacterial infections like bird flu, SARS and other mutated strains of fatal viruses, there’s an emerging need for both effective prevention and treatment of bacterial infections.

This is where Mild Silver protein steps into the breach. A teaspoon of MSP can be swallowed each day (the mouth being a common point of entry for bacterial infections) or sprayed into the mouth, throat, nose or ears to eradicate germs. Silver cream or silver gel can be applied to the hands to prevent infection across a number of forms: gram positive and gram negative bacteria, spore-forming bacteria, fungus and yeast infections, viruses and parasites. Because the manufacturing of this particular Silver Protein is so effective and advanced, there are no side effects.

Mild Silver protein or MSP, is a trusted way to absorb the all-round germ killing power of silver.

The history of silver in killing germs

Silver has been used for centuries to help heal, cleanse and fight against bacterial infections and disease. In ancient Greece, the ‘father of medicine’ Hippocrates documented silver’s anti-disease properties in around 400 BC. During the 20th century, silver bottles were used to prolong the life of milk and store liquids. And today, silver is incorporated into bandages, anti-bacterial clothing and topical liquids, gels and sprays.

In this form, as MSP or Mild Silver protein, it can help prevent and treat numerous conditions: thrush, common colds (including flu), viral infections, Staph infections, E. Coli infections, intestinal infections, sinus infections, leukaemia, HIV, Lyme’s disease, herpes, gingivitis, vaginal infection, food poisoning and skin wounds or disorders. Silver has also been attracting interest in the field of bird flu prevention and treatment, due to its versatile germ killing ability. A lot of these conditions are clearly best prevented before contraction, and Silver Protein – with no known side effects – can help do this.

How MSP works

We know that silver is used in a wide range of antibacterial products, from topical gels, creams and sprays, to killing germs on medical items such as bandages. This is because silver fights such a variety of germs through its natural antibiotic qualities.

In its ionized form, Ag+, silver’s antimicrobial properties are the result of sturdy molecular bonds with the substances that the bacteria use to respire (when they absorb oxygen to produce energy). Generally, the molecules that contain sulfur, nitrogen, and oxygen are affected – rendering the compounds that the bacteria need to survive unusable. It’s this feature of silver protein that causes harmful bacteria to die.

Taking Silver Protein

A silver protein dosage is easy to take. For general preventative purposes it’s recommended to take a quarter of an ounce of Oral MSP as a mouthwash, two to three times a week. With topical infections, Silver protein in gel or cream forms is recommended, again taken two to three times a day. For mouth and throat infections, a couple of sprays a day should suffice.

In helping to fight the common cold, taking MSP in the first instance could avoid the virus taking hold. The same applies to most flu varieties, starting a course of MSP at the first sign of flu to help kill the bacteria.

As a general rule, MSP should not be used for more than 7 days in a row. Like all medicines, it’s also advisable to consult your doctor before undergoing any course of treatment.

Silver Protein is an important first line of defence against a range of conditions. For a natural antibiotic, there’s nothing more versatile than Silver Protein: a time-proven way to guard against and kill infections.