Oxytocin (OxyPro™Lozenge)

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The Oxytocin drug is a safe and potent supplement based on the naturally occurring hormone Oxytocin.

It has far reaching benefits for the body and mind, including the ability to enhance orgasm experiences.

Oxytocin for men assists emotional bonding as well as desire, and an Oxytocin orgasm for women is especially enhanced.

Oxytocin also help regulate sleep

Has a calming effect reducing stress

This product is suitable for vegetarians

Product Description

Oxytocin hormone supplement the closest thing to a Love Drug

The Oxytocin drug is a safe and potent supplement based on the naturally occurring hormone Oxytocin. It has far reaching benefits for the body and mind, including the ability to enhance orgasm experiences. Oxytocin for men assists emotional bonding as well as desire, and an Oxytocin orgasm for women is especially enhanced.

The hormone Oxytocin is probably best known for its role in childbirth and breastfeeding, although research has established that the Oxytocin drug can help forge deep connections with our partners, our children, our friends and even our pets. Excitingly, the Oxytocin orgasm is powerful for both men and women. It’s been shown to enhance orgasm -and induce multiple orgasms in women.

Oxytocin however, is more than merely a male or female orgasm enhancer. It plays many roles for men, and in women is an essential hormone released throughout their lives in certain conditions and scenarios.

How Oxytocin Hormone is Naurally Released in Body

Oxytocin is produced by the hypothalamus – the almond sized region of the brain located close to the brain stem that links the nervous system to the endocrine system via the pituitary gland. It’s released either via the pituitary gland straight into the bloodstream or to other parts of the brain and the spinal cord.

In childbirth, Oxytocin plays a vital role in triggering and regulating uterine contractions. If the contractions aren’t substantial enough, in a lot of cases Oxytocin is administered to help stimulate these contractions. Not only does this have a physical effect, but Oxytocin is a known as a ‘bonding hormone’ -ensuring that the mother starts to care for her young the moment after giving birth. The emotional and maternal reaction is heightened by the hormone, and the effects establish a bond between mother and baby.

Oxytocin also features in breast feeding. By helping the mother to relax, it allows milk to flow to feed her baby. Through this, scientists and doctors started to take note, as the relaxing and wellbeing effects became apparent.

Research also revealed that Oxytocin plays a huge role in the non-procreative aspects of sex. Both women and men release the Oxytocin hormone during lovemaking -and not only during orgasm. It also appears to be responsible for causing orgasms in the first place.

The Effects of the Hormone Oxytocin in Love Making

At our body’s normal level of production, Oxytocin encourages a mild desire to be kissed and cuddled by your lover. In fact being touched anywhere on the body leads to a rise in Oxytocin levels. This causes a chain reaction within the body, including the release of endorphins and testosterone, which results in both biological and psychological arousal.

Erogenous zones including earlobes, neck and genitals become sensitized to the effect of the hormone, and the body and mind become receptive and proactive in sexual activity. It not only arouses blood and the senses, but also promotes a bond of intimacy and closeness. The cycle continues to fire these pleasure giving endorphins and hormones and we naturally produce more Oxytocin and feel more pleasure as a reward.

By stimulating genital areas and causing the nerves to fire spontaneously, orgasm is reached far easier and more powerfully. In orgasm, male Oxytocin levels quintuple, while women need higher levels if they are to reach orgasm. And during peak sexual arousal, the Oxytocin levels become very high indeed. At this point multiple orgasms can occour.

Oxytocin’s further health and wellbeing benefits

Using Oxytocin can also help regulate sleep patterns, and have a calming effect. Research is ongoing but observation seems to cite Oxytocin’s health giving benefits lying in its ability to counteract stress and the effects of the stress hormone cortisol. Nearly every disease and condition is aggravated by stress; anything that can help counteract the stress is therefore useful.

Oxytocin has a clear physical and emotional power. Not only does the hormone increase orgasm in men and women, it has the natural ability to generate meaningful bonds, calm and in turn increase personal wellbeing.

Oxytocin nasal spray versus sublingual troches

We are excited to announce that Oxy-Pro is IAS’ latest addition to its comprehensive range of bioidentical hormones. Oxy-Pro is a nasal spray containing oxytocin, and is now available alongside our existing 20 IU oxytocin sublingual trouches.

Each spray of Oxy-Pro delivers 10 IU’s of oxytocin and as the 5 ml bottle contains a total of 500 IUs of oxytocin it represents excellent value at $59.99

Oxytocin is released via the pituitary hormone and it has been clinically proven to have a number of beneficial effects. As outlined in Dr. Thierry Hertoghe’s recent book ‘passion, sex and longevity, the oxytocin adventure’ (also available from IAS), oxytocin is being used for mood swings (depression), drug addition, autism, anxiety, schizophrenia, pain (particularly for fibromyalgia) and even as an aid to weight loss, (principally through appetite reduction); but perhaps oxytocin’s most highlighted use has been to help couples enjoy a closer (bonding/ loving) relationships and for individuals, (in particular for women- which in this case is unusual) to have more intense orgasms.

The typical oxytocin doses for pleasure and sociability are 10 IUs in the morning and repeated again in the evening; or 10 to 20 IUs 2-hours before sex.

Note: Dr. Hertoghe in his book, (as referenced above) suggests that the sublingual trouches are more effective for fibromyalgia, autism and schizophrenia than the nasal spray.

Frequently Asked Questions About Oxytocin

Disclaimer: Please note that only your own physician can determine your precise needs, but in order to give you some information these answers are based upon the ‘average person’ and clinical / published results.

I’m not getting the effects I expected with oxytocin despite increasing the dose, what can I do?

Dr. Hertoghe explains in his book ‘passion, sex and long life, the oxytocin adventure’ that persons with some hormonal imbalances or deficiencies – in particular vasopressin – may not achieve a full oxytocin response. The best thing to do is to obtain Dr. Hertoghe’s book and follow the details carefully to see if this can help you achieve more from your oxytocin supplements.

Oxytocin the Love Drug Reviews From Our Customers

Last night, I took one spray of Oxy-Pro and slept 6 ½ hours straight, great for me. I took another spray at 11:15 AM today just before going to work. I was more relaxed and pleasant all day without any tiredness.
Dr. R., New York

“I want to report what happened to my husband and I after taking the Oxytocin. Yesterday he was a little drowsy, but after taking the Oxytocin he was much friendlier. Today he made eye contact all the time and hugged me- even in the office which made our staff giggle! I can’t believe what happened here!!!! Tonight when he came home he searched for me and hugged me again. When I asked him how he felt he replied that he felt very relaxed and happy.Thank you-what a miracle!”