Physician Hormone Handbook – V2 UPDATED by Thierry Hertoghe MD

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The Patient Hormone Handbook – by Thierry Hertoghe MD

The patient hormone handbook by Dr. Hertoghe is one of the most comprehensive books you can buy regarding hormones. His guide tables are legendary showing how different hormone formats (tablets vs. injections for example) can be used, along with their doses, including indicators of too low or too high a dose can be used. This book is highly recommended if you are on a hormone replacement therapy and hormones covered include melatonin, GH, thyroid, cortisol, DHEA, androstenedione, pregnenolone, aldosterone, estrogen, progesterone and testosterone. Also a number of supporting nutritional agents are included.

833 pages

Product Description

Topics Covered: How to detect hormone deficiencies, recognize deficiency symptoms and physical signs, how to interpret lab test protocols, how to increase the safety and efficacy of treatments, what doses, which products, whether to use bio-identical hormones or not, how to start treatment, which are the safest routes to get hormones into the body, how to balance hormone therapies with one another, how often to follow-up, and many more essential topics.

833 pages