ThyroidPro™ 2 Grain

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A natural desiccated thyroid of porcine origin

When it comes to improving the condition of hypothyroidism (low thyroid production), many people prefer the natural (of porcine origin) desiccated thyroids.

This may be because they contain all the thyroid hormones including T3, T4 and the ‘forgotten’ thyroids of T1 and T2.

It is also quite remarkable that the porcine thyroid just so happens to be bioidentical to human.

These natural thyroids have been harder to obtain in recent years, with the resultant increase in prices. So, we are pleased to announce the availability of ThyroidPro, extracts of Spanish origin in 1/2 grain (30mg), 1 grain (60mg) and 2 grain (120mg) sizes at sensible prices.

Not suitable for vegetarians.