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Nitric Oxide Test Strips -Uncovering your level of this essential molecule

What is nitric oxide and why test nitric oxide levels in the body?

Nitric oxide is an essential molecule involved in key functions in our body -especially the process of increasing blood flow. It does this by communicating with arterial cells that tell the body to open blood vessels.

As we age, the level of nitric oxide in our body drops. When the level decreases, so to does the benefit of having enough of this amazing molecule. It’s the body’s main vasodilator -meaning it dilates the blood vessels to allow blood to flow -so there are considerable health implications to not having enough in our system.

Conditions like cardiovascular problems leading to heart attacks, strokes, even diseases such as Alzheimer’s can be help to be averted by having enough blood pumping efficiently to organs, muscles and synapses.

Nitric oxide’s function and use has only been relatively recently identified (in 1998), so the influence it can exert over blood flow has prompted scientists and Nobel Prize-winning figures to look at the benefits of bringing the body’s natural production of this amazing molecule up. Not only is it one of the only gaseous molecules to actually communicate with cells, it’s used almost as fast as it’s produced, so maintaining a useful level becomes very difficult indeed.

This is why Neo40 Daily and Nitric Oxide Test Strips have been developed – Neo40 Daily to get the body to naturally produce more nitric oxide and nitric oxide test strips to see if we’re getting enough.

These simple, saliva-examining test strips are different to the exhaled nitric oxide test, also known as eNO or exhaled nitric oxide, whereby those suspected of having asthma (who naturally have more eNo or exhaled nitric oxide) can exhale into a mouthpiece connected to a machine to find out.

These test strips are the only one of their kind to conveniently use saliva to check the level of nitric oxide in the body, making sure our body has enough to reap the benefits of efficient blood flow.

Nitric oxide testing and Neo40 Daily

Before test strips were developed, getting test results about nitric oxide levels was very difficult -it’s not the sort of thing that you could ask your GP to check.

There are machines that are only a nitric oxide test for asthma. These cumbersome and expensive machines could of course help to diagnose asthma, but are not really suitable or accessible for those wishing to get test results for nitric oxide levels in the body. These machines only measure eNO (exhaled nitric oxide) levels.

The test strips actually measure the nitric oxide metabolised in your saliva. This is of course different to eNo or exhaled Nitric Oxide and far more accessible and fit for purpose.

These remarkable Test Strips were developed by the leading nitric oxide expert – Dr. Nathan Brown. Working alongside Nobel Prize-winning scientists to develop the strips, Dr. Nathan Brown also developed the natural stimulator of nitric oxide, the Neo40 Daily supplement.

The test strips show the level of nitric oxide in the body and therefore highlight possible health problems arising from a deficiency. Ultimately they can highlight the potential need for nitric oxide supplements.

If the test strips indicate a deficiency, then Neo40 daily is one such nitric oxide supplement that’s the herbal route to naturally increase nitric oxide production.

Neo40 Daily is a natural mix of hawthorn, beetroot and L-citrulline -an amino acid that’s easily converted to L-arginine. L-arginine then is synthesised by the body to make nitric oxide. Neo40 Daily also contains Vitamin C and E so the effects of a nitric oxide increase is maximised.

Test results and the best nitric oxide supplement.

The Nitric Oxide Saliva test Strips are easy to use -you simply add some of your saliva to the strip and look at the colour. You then compare the colour chart with your saliva sample and it will indicate one of four segments. These test results will show your nitric oxide levels and whether you need to get you nitric oxide levels up.

The best nitric oxide supplement is undoubtedly Neo40 Daily – helping your body produce more nitric oxide organically, mirroring nature.

The benefits of Nitric Oxide

There are numerous health benefits and specifically heart-related benefits to increasing your levels of nitric oxide.

It plays a leading role in blood flow -specifically dilating arteries and allowing more life-giving blood to circulate. The advantage of this is that high blood pressure, cardiovascular diseases and disorders, breast cancer, heart attacks, Alzheimer’s and strokes all become less likely.

The extra health benefits that of taking a nitric oxide supplement such as Neo40 Daily can make all the difference -not just in prevention of conditions. Additional benefits include feeling more energetic, having greater concentration and having a bolstered immune system.

After nitric oxide testing with the easy to use test strips, we recommend Neo40 Daily or Nitric Pro if you’re shown to be deficient in this life-giving molecule.

Nitric Oxide test strips and Neo40 Daily -the best way to keep your levels up

Nitric oxide reviews show the diverse benefits of a nitric oxide supplement. There are nitric oxide supplements that just have L-arginine in (the precursor to nitric oxide) that aren’t naturally derived, which we don’t recommend.

Neo40 Daily stimulates a natural chain of molecular processes that organically help the body produce more L-arginine and subsequently more nitric oxide. Nitric Pro contains a naturally derived form of L-arginine that is easily and economically absorbed – encouraging increased production of nitric oxide in the body.

The best way of keeping on top of your level of this easily lost molecule is through Nitric Oxide Test Strips. Simply and economically making sure you’re benefitting from enough of this wonderful molecule means improved blood flow and avoidance of dangerous cardiovascular conditions.


Nitric Oxide Diagnostics Test Strips -25 nitric oxide tests

Introducing the first and only saliva test that measures your body’s ability to produce Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide (NO) is a critical molecule naturally produced in your body that helps maintain optimal circulation.

Testing directions:

The best time to test is first thing in the morning, before eating or drinking as diluting the saliva renders the test inaccurate.

Antiseptic mouthwash and antibiotics can also impact the accuracy of the test.

Wash your hands and gather saliva on fingertip

Place saliva on test pad

Compare results to the color chart.

Do not put the strip in your mouth

Use one of the test strips to find your starting NO level. Test at regular intervals (daily or weekly). Your goal is to maintain a normal test reading over time. If you are restoring your NO levels with a supplement or through diet, this test can be a useful tool for monitoring your progress.

Nitric Oxide Diagnostics

Store at room temperate. Protect from heat, direct sunlight and moisture. Nitric Oxide test strips should be used within 6 months of first opening the sealed container. Replace cap quickly after removing a test strip. Keep out of reach of children.